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Chen Yue

Vicky is the best real estate agent I ever met. She is very professional and nice. Vicky gave me a lot of information and suggestions about how to find a right house when I was looking for one. After I made the decision, she helped me to negotiate with the sales to get a good price in the tough market. Before I moved in, she helped me to double check the house condition and kept everything goes smoothly. I really appreciate her! Highly recommended!

Meng X

Vicky is a professional agent with excellent skills. She helped me going through the whole home buying process. In the beginning, she gave me suggestions on how to clarify my goals when I was not quite clear what kind of house I should look for (after all, there are so many listings on the market). After she helped me find my dreamed home, she prepared the offer documents and explained everything to me, so I didn’t need to worry about the legal stuff. She also has a very accurate estimation for the offer price. When it came into multiple offer, she helped me negotiate with the sales agent and in the last my offer was accepted. She also has good communication between the sales agent and the loan agent. Before I moved in, she helped me check the house condition again. Overall, she is an excellent skills. I trust her an highly recommend her.

Wang Peng

Vicky is a very professional agent. She was always quick in returning messages and preparing paperworks. She was so good that after she helped me buying a new house, I chose her as the selling agent as well. Both the buying and selling experience was smooth and very good, thanks to Vicky’s hard work. I would highly recommend Vicky as both selling and buying agent.

Ivy Liang

Vicky is an excellent real estate agent, very professional, patient, thoughtful and friendly. She is my favorite agent definitely. She helped me buy my first house 2 years ago. At that time, I just graduated from school, didn’t have too much budget.

Before I met Vicky, I tried to seek advice from other agents, but they looked pushy, impatient and wanted me to increase my budget. Luckily, I got to know Vicky later. From our first conversation, it was apparent how knowledgable, friendly and easy Vicky was to work with. Although we didn’t get that first place, we did start working with Vicky in our search. It was the best decision we could have made. Together, we found the perfect place in just two weeks and in this crazy market!

She cared more about money, went above and beyond to help me. I really appreciate her. Highly recommended!

Chen Zhao

She is a really professional realtor. She helped me buy my first house and gave me some really helpful suggestions. She never pushed me to submit any offer, but double checked I was fully satisfied with the house condition before we moved forward. Finally she helped me find my house, which was not in market yet. And I successfully bought it at a good price.

Qun Li

She is a very patient and attentive agent. When I have any questions, she always give me the most sincere advice. Highly recommended her!

Guanming Huang

Vicky is very responsible and professional. She will patiently answer all the questions from us. We are very satisfied with her service.

Hechen Liu

Vicky is a very professional buyer agent. We cooperate with her twice. She has lots of knowledge on real estates in bay area and she is very patient. She helped us bought our two dream houses. I strongly recommend her.

Daxiao Liu

She is professional, and very patient. Together she toured me 23 houses until the last one. She knew my needs very well. Every weekend she selected four-to-five potential houses that exactly matches my interest for continuing 2-3 months.

She gave honest and detail suggestions, for example the bedroom might be heated up by the sunset and uncomfortable to sleep at night without strong cooling systems. Another solid example was that she read the HOA documentation very carefully and told me that there might be some large noise on the pump of the community swimming pool during nighttime. She also had amazing capabilities to accurately estimate of the final housing price which save me money. If she told me, the house would sell around 900k, the final price would be around that number in a short range.

I am very glad to have her as my agent and I am looking forward to working with her again in future.