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Whether you’re a first-time buyer, move-up buyer, or investor, Vicky’s client-first approach means you can own your dream house faster. For buyers shopping for homes in Silicon Valley, Vicky is committed to creating a fun and rewarding home shopping experience for you and your family:

  • Professional. We have a track record of not only getting things done, but getting things done right the first time. We will treat every aspect of purchasing your future home with competency and expertise.
  • Knowledge. Deep understanding of the local real estate market to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision
  • Communication. We will respond quickly to each of your requests and get you answers to all of the questions you may have and keep you informed with updates related to your interested home.
  • Full service. We proudly offer full service, meaning we guiding you to purchase a home step by step, from beginning to end.

Vicky’s personalized home shopping services for buyers


✓Giving advice on how much you can afford to pay for a home based on individual financial situation and getting pre approval letter from lenders.
✓Analyzing current market conditions, including but not limited to new home market, resale market and rental market.
✓Identifying areas and property types which meet your needs best.


✓ Real-time updates with new listings on the market and off-market offerings in my network
✓ Touring the property, getting details regarding floor plans, property condition, potential values, schools and information on neighborhood.
✓ Step-by-step guidance reviewing disclosures and reports of properties.


✓ Providing comparables recently sold in the area, analyzing pros and cons of the property, and advising on an appropriate price and offer strategies.
✓ Preparing purchase documents and making sure your full understanding of their contents and all terms to which you are agreeing.
✓Giving Introduction on the standard real estate procedures, regulations, and contingencies.
✓ Working closely with listing agent and negotiating the best price and terms.


✓ Reviewing all purchase documents in detail
✓Assisting loan application and/or money transfers.
✓ Scheduling, oversight, and interpretation of inspections where applicable.
✓ Communicating with listing agent, escrow officer and loan officer and anyone else involved in the transaction to make sure a smooth and easy closing of your purchase.
✓ Having final walk through and key pickup to ensure any needed repairs are opportunely performed or property is AS-IS.


✓ Assistance with relocation needs.
✓ Suggesting on remodeling, cleaning and moving, etc. and referring relevant professionals.